Our Story


Our services focus on build in custom furniture & cabinet
Change of business strategy due to Covid 19 to Wood Cutting and Engraving



We provide personalization on laser wood product, within 8 month we have 7000 ++ satisfied customer
Becoming Lead Industry in Laser WoodCraft industry. We transform from Sole Proppriotor to Sdn Bhd



Our Achievement In 3 years 

Doctorkayu is an innovative Malaysian company specialising in wood laser craft industry. With proven result in business transformation, we aim to elevate our fellow industry players through structured mentoring programs, hence facilitating our peers achieving their business objectives.


DOCTORKAYU is a establish company that aims to revolutionize the woodcraft industry by providing innovative wood product. With a strong focus on specialize in this industry, we are poised to capture a significant market share and establish ourselves as a leader in the industry. 

Since its establishment, our business has consistently strived for excellence and achieved significant milestones. We are proud to highlight some of our major achievements that demonstrate our commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These accomplishments have been instrumental in establishing our business as a leader in the industry and driving our continued success. 

One of our most notable achievements is the remarkable revenue growth we have experienced since our inception. By implementing effective marketing strategies, expanding our customer base, and delivering exceptional products and services, we have consistently exceeded our financial targets. Our revenue has grown by an average of 11% year-over-year, reflecting the trust and loyalty our customers place in our brand. 

Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Delivering an exceptional customer experience has always been a top priority for our business. We have invested in building strong customer relationships by providing personalized support, timely assistance, and superior after-sales service. As a result, our customer satisfaction rates consistently exceed 50%, and our customer retention rate stands at an impressive 95%. These metrics validate our commitment to maintaining long-term partnerships and exceeding customer expectations.

Industry Awards and Recognitions: Our dedication to excellence has been acknowledged by industry experts and peers through numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. We have received accolades for our innovative products, outstanding customer service, and overall business performance. These honours validate the hard work and dedication of our talented team and reinforce our position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading woodcraft companies in Malaysia, admired for its brands, innovation and result contributing to better and sustainable worlds.

Our Mission

To be a part of people's lives by offering custom made gift, with high quality, innovation and at affordable prices anywhere in Malaysia.


 "We Give Happiness"